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Warwick ‘forgotten patriots’ to be added to plaque

A plaque, honoring 135 “forgotten patriots” of the town of Warwick who served in General John Hathorn’s regiment during the Revolutionary War, will be dedicated at Warwick Town Hall on Wednesday, Nov. 29, at 6 p.m. 

In 2006, a plaque was installed by the Heritage Committee of the Warwick Historical Society honoring those who fought in Hathorn’s troop. At that time, the committee could only go by the published list of Hathorn’s militia, compiled in the late 1800s from existing pay records.  However, the introduction of digitized records, searchable by keyword, allowed for additional names of Hathorn’s militia to be found.

The project to discover and document these “forgotten patriots” who’d been missed when the original plaque was created was begun several years ago by Deborah Sweeton, a member of the Friends of Hathorn Historical Society. She read through thousands of pages of handwritten pension and payrolls to find them. The group then appealed to the community and funds were donated to create the new plaque and its donors list, and its installation in Town Hall was approved.

For further information about the dedication or to learn more about Warwick’s founding veterans, visit the Friends of Hathorn at or email 

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