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Names added to Huntington WW II veterans memorial

The Town of Huntington recently added 365 World War II veterans to its World War II memorial located on Veterans Plaza.

The original groundbreaking ceremony was held on May 7, 1995.  The memorial was dedicated on Nov. 10, 1996. Prior to the recent addition of names, there were 6,000 names which were added in four phases on 15 plaques. The two final plaques bring the total to 6, 365.

In order to be eligible to have their name placed on the memorial, the veteran must have been a resident of the Town of Huntington at any time in their life for a minimum of six months and must have served at any time between Dec. 7, 1941 and Dec. 31, 1946 with proof of service.

To read more about the official ceremony and to see a photo of the plaque, go to:

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