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Cortland cemetery to have cleanup on April 27

The Cortland Rural Cemetery is seeking volunteers to join the staff, board members, and other members of the Cortland community for its Cemetery Sweep-out Day on Saturday, April 27: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. rain or shine! The cemetery is located at 110 Tompkins Street.

Volunteers are needed to help remove branches and other debris from the cemetery. No heavy lifting or contact with headstones allowed. Other outdoor and indoor tasks may be assigned. Refreshments will be on hand.

There is a limited quantity of landscaping supplies so please bring with you as many of these items as you can.  If need be, mark them with tape or some other label to ensure they do not get lost or confused with others during the day.

*Gardening or work gloves

*Rakes (for leaves and/or rock-rakes)

*Shovels (all types)

*Wheel barrows

*Pruning sheers

*Donations of sturdy plastic garbage bags

Have any question about the event or if you wan to sign up a group, call the cemetery office at 607-756-6022 or go to the website at:

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