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USCIS announces new reduced fee schedule

On April 1, 2024, the new U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) fee rule for genealogy records was implemented, according to the website RecordsNotRevenue.

Under the new rule, a Genealogy Program Index Search will drop from $65 to $30, if filed online. Similarly, Genealogy Program Record Requests filed online will now cost $30 per record. The new rule dictates that Genealogy Program records that have already been digitized – only Alien Registration Forms (AR-2s) and Certificate Files (C-Files) created before about 1944 – will be provided with the results of an Index Search, with no additional fee. Visa Files, Registry Files, high-numbered C-Files, and A-Files all remain exclusively in paper form.

Any pending Index search requests made prior to April 1, 2024 will be processed under the new policy retroactively, meaning that if any digitized files exist, they will be sent to the requester without any additional fees being required.

To see a complete details about requesting records from the program, go to:


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