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New York man researches Long Island Civil War veterans

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Huntingon (Suffolk County) resident Robert Farrell was recently featured in a “Newsday” cover story – “Civil War Roll Call” –  for his work on researching New York Civil War soliders and sailors.

Farrell has spent 20 years trying to locate every Civil War solider and sailor with a Long Island connection. He has created a spreadsheet that lists a total of 6,139 men who either lived on Long Island, moved to Long Island after the war or are buried on Long Island. Included in the spreadsheet is the Unit the person served in, their highest rank and the cemetery where they are buried.

He originally just researched men from Huntington and Babylon and self-published a book with his research. Then he decided to research all of Suffolk County and work on Nassau County as well.  Of the men he has identified,  4,722 served with New York State volunteer regiments.

And not everyone was buried in the United States. He has found veterans buried in Australia, New Zealand, England and Norway.

The full list of his work can by found at: and selecting “Scanned Images”.

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