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Historical society seeks information on Civil War regiment

The Wayne County Historical Society is seeking information on those who served in the 111th New York Infantry during the Civil War.

The 111th was mustered into service on Aug. 20, 1862 and helped defend Harper’s Ferry. The regiment also fought at Gettysburg losing 70% of those who were taken into battle. After the Civil War, just over 100 of those who joined the regiment survived. A monument in honor of the regiment was built south of Gettysburg and dedicated in 1891.

Today, thanks to a descendant of one of the soldiers, a full-size replica of this memorial has been commissioned by the Wayne County Historical society and will be placed in Lyons in 2024.

If you have a family member who served in the 111th or have items related to the regiment, contact the society at or call 315-946-4943.

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