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Buffalo genealogy society creates index to railroad employees

The Buffalo Irish Genealogical Society has created an index to New York Central Railroad employee cards.

There is a free name verification service available that will let you know if the person you are looking for is in the index database. If so, you would be told the number of cards attached to the employee and what the total photocopying cost would be in black and white and in color.  You can submit up to 10 names per month.

There is a partial index on the society’s website but it is not complete. It is a work in progress.

There is a cost of $20 per card black and white and $25 per card in color. There is an additional $2 for the backside of a card. Images can be emailed.

For more information, scroll down about halfway down the page,  on how to order cards and conduct a search, go to:

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