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German Genealogy Group updates its NYC vital records indexes

The German Genealogy Group (GGG), a member of the Genealogy Federation of Long Island, recently updated its index of New York City brides, births and deaths related to the recently created NYC Historical Vital Records Project website.

Many certificates on the website do not have names attached to the certificate images. The GGG is working on finding these records on the Municipal Archives website and then add in the names to the GGG index to make the records easier to locate.

In October, 626 records were added to the NYC Brides index, 1,114 records were added to the NYC births index (covering Queens and Richmond) and 2,470 records were added to the NYC deaths index (covering Bronx, Queens, Richmond).

To locate your ancestor in a GGG index,

Copy down the certificate number of the record you are interested in. Then go to: Historical Vital Records Project and search by the certificate number in order to see and print an image of the certificate.

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